Admire the “army” of robots at the VinFast car factory

VietTimes – It took only 9 weeks for VinFast to transform the body welding workshop area from an empty workshop into a base of 1,200 robots, ready for the mission to launch Vietnamese-branded cars.

In the middle of September, the VietTimes reporter was invited by VinFast to take a preliminary tour of both the motorbike and car manufacturing area to feel the development of the VinFast complex after one year of project implementation. At that time, the group of journalists visited 3 out of 5 main areas of the car factory including stamping workshop, body welding workshop and assembly workshop.

And recently, I once again had the opportunity to revisit VinFast’s automobile body welding workshop area for the occasion of attending the inauguration of an electric motorcycle factory and introducing the first electric motorcycle VinFast Klara. .

I still remember in the last factory tour, VinFast representatives introduced the body welding workshop designed and supplied by leading partners such as FFT, EBZ, HIROTEC, equipped with about 1200 robots manufactured by ABB. When coming into operation, this will be the most modern and fully automatic body welding factory in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

At that time, what I saw at the hull welding shop was just an empty area, only a few workers were conducting measurements to calculate the installation of the equipment.



The installation of robots is developed by experts and engineers from Germany and other industrialized countries. All procedures must be strictly followed to ensure accuracy and absolute safety.

In Vietnam, journalists used to be surprised when Hyundai Thanh Cong proudly brought 6 robots for automatic welding line in 2014, recently Thaco Truong Hai put into Mazda car assembly factory. There were about 80 robots. But everything was overshadowed by VinFast when the Vietnamese brand car manufacturer had dared to invest up to 1,200 robots for body welding, but after only 9 weeks, the whole area of ​​100,000 m2. This has been filled with thousands of devices and what can really shock anyone who has the opportunity to visit is the arrival of the newest generation of ABB robot armies of all shapes, sizes and sizes. different texture. What we can only see in the world’s leading car factories.

And yet, the body welding workshop is also a production workshop with many applications of technology 4.0 in many areas ranging from equipment monitoring, evaluation and process optimization, and site utilization efficiency. equipment to improve productivity and product quality, to preventive management, and predictive maintenance for production lines digitally to high flexibility when changing product lines.

Here are some pictures of “Robot World” at VinFast automobile body welding shop – one of the largest and most specialized automobile factories in Southeast Asia.

The hull welding line has a 100% automation level that applies Adaptive welding technology to ensure solid welds with high quality to maximize the safety of the vehicle.

1200 ABB Robot (Switzerland) performs interactions under the control of the total monitoring system to assemble hundreds of stamping plates to form a complete body with more than 6,000 spot welds.

1200 The latest generation ABB robot 6 degrees of freedom for the welding and transporting chassis. Everything happens sequentially and with 100% automation.

The individual robots are linked in a coordinated, rhythmic, automated 100% sequence. The hull welding workshop is a workshop that has 4.0 applications in many different areas such as equipment monitoring, evaluation of production process optimization, equipment utilization efficiency, maintenance management, flexibility to change when changing car lines.

Each important stage has an automatic 3D scanning quality control system for the overall vehicle size to ensure that all semi-finished products meet strict standards before moving to the next stage.

With a production capacity of 38 cars / hour, 250,000 vehicles / year, VinFast body welding workshop is one of the most modern automobile welding workshops in the world.

Hundreds of robots, technical equipment and manufacturing areas are continuing to be installed with the goal of finishing in early 2019.

1200 Robots with all different shapes and structures are especially attractive to anyone who has the opportunity to visit.

Robots or groups of robots have “private rooms” which are separated by “safety doors” equipped with modern technology to ensure absolute safety when operating.

The hull welding workshop has been completed in less than 1 year since September 2, 2017 and started operating machinery since August 2018. When completing the installation of machinery, this will be a workshop with a record short installation progress in the automotive industry with absolute discipline and safety.